Valley of the Water Mills

Valley of the Water Mills

Among all the natural places of the territory of Spilinga, ICRE promotes the rediscovery of a lost world: the Valley of the Water Mills.

Thanks to a project promoted by ICRE and the municipality of Spilinga you can explore one of the most beautiful landscapes of the vibonese territory. The nature walk takes place in the municipality of Spilinga, on the slopes of Monte Poro, not far from Capo Vaticano.

To the West of the village run two Rivulets that flow in fiumara Ruffa. There you will find the last witnesses of a remote age, unexpected historical wonders, naturalistic and landscape. In fact going up the river-bed of these rivers, there are the remains of nine Mills, whose origin dates back approximately to the 7th-10th century. Were refined and enhanced during the Arab invasions. Until the 50s, Mills represented an important economic resource for the country. They were connected with urban agglomerations by mule trails on foot or riding a donkey. The mills were working and meeting centers. We milled around corn, barley, wheat, beans, field beans, chick peas, acorns. The ground was essential for the livelihood of people and animals and the payment was always in nature (the so-called “tenth”).

The Mill Valley has a rich flora.  It includes a full samples of classic Mediterranean plants: oak, Elm, alder, willow, poplar, but also Arbutus, jujubes, Myrtle, blackberries, oregano, fennel, nettle and much more. Deserve attention the many Mediterranean orchids, of which the most striking is certainly the orchis italica, also known as the “naked man”. To appreciate also the tropical fern “Woodwardis Radicans”, extraordinary kind of singular beauty. The fauna is also remarkable. Among the mammals include the wild boar, badgers, foxes, beech Martens, weasels, hedgehogs and the Dormouse.

Thus the Mill Valley is certainly an ideal itinerary for those who love contact with nature and at the same time is a way to discover the history and origins of this wonderful land.

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