Volunteer Fair 2015

In October 2015 it took place in Tropea the Volunteer Fair 2015, an event organized by ICRE in collaboration with the Volunteer Service Center of Vibo Valentia.

The event’s goal was to learn how to plan, manage and share experiences devoted to volunteering, to a greater understanding of the principles, through careful consideration, the interaction between Member States of the European Community.

From this purpose it left the cultural exchange route ICRE has started a few years in Europe and have opened up the space for reflection that have maintained the characteristics of the laboratory of ideas, centered on the topic of making communities.

The event was part of the European project entitled “Volunteering: Active Citizenship Code”, whose aim was precisely that of the discussion of ideas and ways to volunteer in various participating European countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands, England, Italy) and raise awareness of citizenship to that theme, making it an active citizenship.

Initiative, as well as local voluntary organizations and experts, was also attended by the presidents of some non-profit organizations from Northern Europe.

Thus it was a day of volunteer work, which began with a meeting at the Diocesan Museum of Tropea. Simultaneously, the stands of the participating charities in Piazza Vittorio Veneto are open. The meeting ended at 12 o’clock with the visit of the stands, while the afternoon was enlivened by the participating organizations with practical demonstrations of their activities interspersed with moments of games, musical, cultural and gastronomic.

ICRE, having been partners on the subject of European voluntary service, wanted to somehow revive the territory belong to a time to devote to the study of the same theme.

The project plan has given a variety of experiences based on their volunteering that is being done in some cities visited and provided examples can be developed in other contexts.

The Volunteer Fair, therefore, wanted to give an overview on how to move the various European countries in terms of humanitarian aid and how these activities should be developed in a context like ours, which needs a propelling force in this direction.

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