V-code: Volunteering Code of Active Citizenship

ICRE participated in the project “V-code Volunteering Code of Active Citizenship.” The main aim of this European project (“Europe for Citizens” programme) has been to create of European routes so as to promote, support and encourage volunteering activities and the active democratic participation of citizens in European and local level. Key was the sharing and exchange of experiences with partner countries. Besides Italy participated Lithuania (country lead partner in the project) with the University of Kaunas¬†(Latvia), the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Poland.

The first meeting took place in Kaunas (March 2015), during which you have defined the specific goals and commitments that each partner has carried out for the success of the project. The second meeting was an international debate in Riga in Latvia. carrier of the debate theme was “major dilemmas in the voluntary work, problems and successes in the cooperation of voluntary organizations with the government (local)”. The debate in Riga has helped to have a better understanding of voluntary activity and its importance in a multicultural environment.

From 9 to 13 June 2015 ICRE participated in the workshop held at Bishop’s Castle (Wales). The program is based on a variety of experiences in volunteer activities at the Welsh town and have provided examples can be developed in other contexts. Sharing, analysis and planning were the focus of the workshop carried out.

In addition to meetings abroad, the project provided the volunteer events in their own country. In fact, ICRE October 24, 2015 in Tropea has organized, in collaboration with the C.S.V. Vibo Valentia, a conference entitled “Volunteer, World Heritage” and simultaneously the Volunteer Fair in Piazza Vittorio Veneto with the presence of numerous charities and not. The event was a mix of different times: going from the formal (conference) to the square where the fair alternated visits to the stands of associations and moments of musical entertainment, artistic and playful.

On February 7, 2016 ICRE organized the second event in Vibo Valentia at the “Mensa of the Holy Family Poor”. A very strong and significant that gave us a lot from the human point of view and that at least once in life you have to do. Tell it does not take the same deep meaning that piques live it. For this ICRE will never cease to thank the volunteers of the Holy Family who regularly every Sunday lend this service with a great spirit of solidarity.

The project ended with a conference in Kaunas (31 March-1 April 2016) in which we discussed how voluntary initiatives could influence better services within municipalities and on how to increase awareness of volunteering. In addition to the project partners were present representatives of local authorities and the Social Centres, Voluntary organizations, non-governmental organizations, representatives of universities, representatives of Ministries and state institutions of Lithuania. For ICRE it was a wonderful experience shared with other organizations that have contributed to the collective growth.

Participating countries

Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, UK, Poland


1 year (march 2015 - march 2016)

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