Sacra Famiglia Refectory

Our association has experienced in the month of February 2016 a day of volunteering for poor people. The experience of Sacra Famiglia Refectory, for ICRE, was very strong and significant. It has enabled us to live in the deepest sense of the meaning of gratuity culture (fundamental reason for volunteering).

You realize more strongly of a reality that you have to side all year and maybe taken from other problems do you see it: the reality of the “invisible”. You learn and deepened the respect and knowledge of the other. Experience that gives you a lot from the human point of view. This contact with people in need, who attend the canteen, leaves something you can not measure and quantify but certainly enriches you. It is an experience that at least once in life you do and do not tell it has the same deep meaning that inspires you to live in.

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