Folk Fragments Footprints and Future

Through the European Programme “Grundtvig,” ICRE collaborated, in October 2011, in an European project named “Folk Fragments Footprints and Future”.

The sectoral program “Grundtvig” was promoted by the EU to address teaching and learning needs of those in all forms of adult education, proposing to focus on a European partnership to launch programs aimed at improving knowledge and skills in educational and training sector.

In the town of Spilsby, on the initiative of the municipal administration led by then Mayor Frank Barbalace, he is a full immersion was held for four days has involved, in addition to spilingesi four other groups of foreign delegations. The delegations involved in the project were the ‘ “Inspirational Development” of the English city of Newton, the “Kopalnia Sztuki” of the city of Zabrze (Poland), the “Asociatia Sprijinirea Educationale” of Iasi (Romania) and the municipality of Burdur (Turkey ).

The objectives of the European Community are to improve the quality and access to mobility within Europe of individuals involved in adult education, increase the volume of cooperation between organizations involved in adult education in Europe, facilitate the development and dissemination of innovative practices in education, including their dissemination.

So this project was certainly a good opportunity to study closely the aspects of learning in the host countries, such as content and offer (courses, teaching methodology), the methods adopted to improve the opportunities for access, management (administration / governance local and regional level, administration and leadership of organizations), support services (counseling, orientation). Laboratories so they met small groups from several countries for an innovative multinational learning experience, relevant for their personal development and learning needs.

The spilingese program, as the title “Folk Fragments Footprints and Future”, moreover, covered the history and folk traditions of the territory, so with guided tours along the nature trails of the village at the center of Poro, between wine tasting tours, farms and exhibitions of local artists who have written the history of this land.

“An initiative that in addition to that which is the true activities of the project related to the exchange of five different cultures – said the mayor Barbalace – has been a factor of great visibility and huge attraction for our region that as you spend more and to present outside the many positive “.

Participating countries

Italy, UK, Turkey, Romania, Poland


2 years

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