ICRE has a new website

ICRE has a new website

In a few months, our Association will take 5 years and for some time felt the need to have an online space to communicate our story, our projects and our future.

So ICRE has a new website: a project of institutional communication and more. Thanks to the numerous European experiences on the one hand and the important local activities on the other, we launch our new site focusing on sharing and distribution of our content.

On www.icre-spilinga.it there is already much of the route that the Association has followed so far and there are upcoming and future steps on which we are working. With this article we inaugurate ICRE’s blog, happy to open a new direct channel with our readers in Italy and Europe, precisely because the content of the site will be in English.

The news does not end here! A few days ago is online the new official ICRE on Facebook that will allow the dissemination of our posts and sharing of our local activities. We have set up a Twitter account and all the videos will be posted on the Association’s official Youtube Channel. I am convinced that these improvements will be appreciated by all those who already follow us and are interested in Spilinga, Ricadi and territory to Calabria on topics ranging from culture to volunteering, from music to local traditions.

I thank all members of collaborating ICRE upgrading of our content.

The President

Anna Purita

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