ICRE boasts several partnerships with associations working in the field of European projects, important in order to increase and enhance their skills

  • V-code: Volunteering Code of Active Citizenship

    ICRE participated in the project “V-code Volunteering Code of Active Citizenship.” The main aim of this European project (“Europe for Citizens” programme) has been to create of European routes so as to promote, support and encourage volunteering activities and the active democratic participation of citizens in European and local level. Key was the sharing and […]

  • Arboreal Future: the future of trees

    In February 2017 started the project entitled “Arboreal Future” (The future of trees). The project is funded by the European Community with the “Erasmus +” program. This route provides as participating countries, besides Italy, also the United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. The first meeting was held in the town of Bishop’s Castle (Wales). […]

  • Folk Fragments Footprints and Future

    Through the European Programme “Grundtvig,” ICRE collaborated, in October 2011, in an European project named “Folk Fragments Footprints and Future”. The sectoral program “Grundtvig” was promoted by the EU to address teaching and learning needs of those in all forms of adult education, proposing to focus on a European partnership to launch programs aimed at improving knowledge […]