About Us

ICRE (Institute for Cultural Relations Euromediterranee) is a cultural non-profit association founded in Spilinga, in the Vibo Valentia province.

In ICRE they operate many volunteers, young and old, in cultural and social context.

ICRE is collaborating with the different institutional realities of the territory, public and private, thus consolidating its commitment in supporting, aid programs and the promotion of citizenship rights to immigrants and refugees.

As time passed, however, ICRE realizes that the temporary shelter and emergency foreigners, who arrive on the territory of Calabria, is not enough to respond to those needs stability, socialization and integration required by the migrants themselves. For this reason the volunteers have paid particular attention to spreading and transmitting the culture of welcome and solidarity with them, involving raising awareness and educating new generations to the issues of social inclusion, respect for human rights and mutual support.

Therefore the primary objectives that underpin the mission of ICRE are:

  • the dissemination of Italian language’s knowledge (for a good communication) and the basic rules of active citizenship among migrants in the area;
  • the development of collaborative learning forms;
  • the contribution to the realization of socio-economic integration;
  • the strengthening of local actors that favor the growth of a share of the problems of foreign citizens, through a process of information and training.